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Personal Solutions

We call this your Kataplan

Investment planning

Are your investment portfolios optimally designed to enable you to fully pursue your personal goals?

We assist our clients as they look to preserve and grow their wealth through a disciplined and tax-centric approach, seeking to strike an optimal balance between risk and reward based on each individual’s personal objectives. We encourage clients to adhere to a long-term investment vision, regardless of short-term, transient market movements

Tax planning

Are you utilizing all available techniques and strategies to minimize your federal, state, and local income taxes?

While taxes are inevitable, they are certainly a drag. At Katapult, we specialize in assisting our clients to mitigate losses to taxation by always having tax efficiency top of mind and seeking, where possible, to implement tax-optimized solutions.

Income protection and asset preservation

If you become temporarily or permanently disabled, are you comfortable that your income will continue and that you will be able to meet all your personal, medical, and business obligations?

Income protection minimizes the fear of sudden loss of income, ensuring you will always be able to support your lifestyle, financial commitments, and your family’s financial security. It can safeguard your hard-earned capital from unexpected pitfalls and provide a cushion should you become unable to work due to illness, impairment, or disability.

Retirement planning

Do you have a solid personal retirement program in place that could enable you to retire comfortably, with independence and dignity?

It is often a daunting task to save for an event so far in the future, yet we believe early retirement planning is essential as one pursues a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. We are thus passionate about helping our clients in the pursuit of their retirement goals and addressing their vision of retiring in a dignified manner when the time arises.

Estate planning

Do you have a current and properly drafted will, living will, or trust that will distribute your estate in the most tax-efficient manner, and continue your legacy according to your wishes and core values?

Beyond just minimizing the tax bill, we assist clients in curating an estate plan that they are comfortable with and that will ensure a seamless transition in the wealth transfer process. Where relevant, we also assist clients with the setting up and management of trusts and incorporating any charitable intention.

Insurance planning

Do you feel you have sufficient insurance coverage to ensure that you and/or your family will have financial security in the event of an unexpected loss?

Sound insurance planning provides you, your family, and/or your business, with financial protection in the event of an unexpected loss, such as death, illness, or disability. Our prudent approach to insurance planning sets up our clients to withstand any shocks to their financial plans, regardless of what comes their way.

Education planning

Have you determined and planned for how you will financially contribute to the education of your children and/or grandchildren?

With the rising cost of education, effective education planning has become more important and more complex than ever before. We help guide our clients through the complexities, supporting them to meet the anticipated education financial requirements for their dependents when the time arises.

Special situations

Is there anyone in your family with special medical needs or financial considerations and have you evaluated all solutions available to them and to you?

External forces such as divorce, illness, elder care, and special needs dependents can strain even the most robust financial plans. Planning for these types of situations needs to effectively incorporate investment, insurance, and tax planning strategies to devise an optimal solution.

Debt management

Do you optimize the use of debt in the most cost-efficient and tax-advantaged way, and have you tried to reduce the burden of your debt obligations?

Debt can be a productive tool if used correctly, however, consumer-based debt can put your financial future at risk if not managed carefully. We assist our clients to reduce discretionary debt through effective financial planning and budgeting so that funds can rather be channeled towards a comprehensive wealth management plan.