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Business Solutions

Business Planning

What are the things I need to think about as a business owner?

The scarcest resource a business owner has is time. While needing to ensure the smooth and successful running of a business, they also have to plan for the future of the business, as well as for their own retirement. Through our succession and retirement planning solutions, we provide our clients with comprehensive support for these complex business planning needs, while ensuring all decisions are made in a tax-smart way.

Qualified Retirement Plan Consulting

Do you have the right type of retirement plan in your business?

We assist business owners in devising qualified retirement plans to simultaneously help them to reach their own retirement objectives, as well as those of their employees. The qualified plan arena involves critically thinking about a business’s goals and objectives and determining how to incorporate the possible benefits of such a plan in an efficient manner, while strictly complying with administrative and fiduciary responsibilities and requirements.

Business Succession Planning

Who will run my business when I am no longer here to do so?

Business owners need to evaluate and plan for orderly, planned business exits, typically due to retirement. Unfortunately, however, not enough attention is given to unplanned exits. Business owners sometimes die unexpectedly, become ill, or are involved in accidents that prevent them from fulfilling their day-to-day business responsibilities. These events can be devastating to the owners, their families, and their employees. Buy-sell agreements and key-man planning are areas where we can assist business owners in carefully planning for the unexpected in an efficient manner.

Business Exit Planning

How do I exit my business in an orderly and tax-efficient manner?

We can assist our clients to evaluate whether the financial terms of a business exit satisfy the business owner’s personal retirement and financial plans. Unrelated party sales, internal transfers, and sales to employees using vehicles like ESOPS are areas where we can add value and peace of mind.