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Our Approach

How We Work

At Katapult, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and fiduciary excellence in all interactions with our clients. While we endeavor to learn about and critically analyze your financial situation, our goal is to also gain a deep understanding of what is important to you on a personal level. This enables us to craft a highly personalized financial plan for each of our clients to empower them to preserve, grow and protect their wealth, pursue their financial goals, and protect their legacy.

We bring an approach to our clients that is...


  Completely independent, without any mandates in place

  Personalized and tailored to your unique requirements

 High-touch and interactive

Holistic, being focused on the nuances of your life as well as the complexities of the world we live in

Tax-centric and tax-smart

 Highly disciplined

 Based on a body of rigorous research and decades of proven results

 Continually tracked, tested and refined, with a focus on rebalancing a portfolio through regular assessment

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